Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch at Toast Bakery Cafe on 3rd in LA.


Dress; Wasteland / Ecote Boots / Leather backpack; Vintage / Triangle necklace; UO

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gifts for your naughty or nice man

By: Rachel Kae
      Christmas comes by so quickly.
Every mall, train station, and restaurant you set your foot on brainwashes you with Christmas music. Heck, there is also a singing fountain that plays Christmas music.
Lets be honest here, Christmas music doesn't get anyone warm and fuzzy until the actual day!
Other than that, holiday music is just a constant reminder that Christmas is near and to hurry up with those gifts.

As if making endless gift lists for family is stressful enough, you don't need anything else to level up your stress.
That includes buying a gift for your boyfriend, husband, or boy toy(whatever floats your boat here!).

I use to be that girl who showers her boyfriend with expensive gifts etc.
What does buying him an Xbox really say? Nothing. He will be too occupy with his new toy.
The past year or two ago I just stopped caring about meaningless gifts.
To eliminate the woes, just stick to fun and quirky gifts. Gifts without a hefty price tag are ones that keeps on giving back.

Plaid, plain, with a huge moose, reindeer. (see how creative you can get?)

Ralph Lauren, American Apparel

What man does not enjoy music? I-Tune gift cards are new age tacky. Try a good old vinyl record.

Skimping low on dough? Make him a compilation CD or check a local thrift shop.

Radiohead: King of Limbs, Passion Pit: Manners,
The Roots: Undun, The Black Keys: Brothers, Depeche Mode, Justice: Audio, Video, Disco
(i could go on and on with this category!)

Pretty sure getting him tickets to a local show, concert, or game will land you #2 on his list(#1 his mom).
Splurge? Tix to a Music Festival.

If he is a film guy, get him tix to see a film currently showing.
Avoid "Twilight".

The Black Keys in Philadelphia or check your local listings.

On the train, bus, long family car ride to grandma's house, or on his throne. You want him to be entertain when he picks this up.
Picking up a good book he likes could be tricky, so a fun read is a bit easier.

"What the f**k should I make for Dinner?" Zach Golden,
"I hate Everything" Matthew DiBenedetti,
"The official Dictionary of Sarcasm" James Napoli

Sunglasses. Yes. Do it for me.
Anything but clothing.
I feel like clothing is a last resort. Obviously I love clothes and picking out clothes for a guy, but you can pick out his clothes any day. Not Christmas.
His mother will get him money or a sweater. His granny will get him money or a sweater. Do you see what I'm talking about here?

Yes. The best gift to give him is you wrapped up in a big red bow.
He gets to see you in it, and you have something for yourself. Everyone goes home happy :)

Red Bandeau Set: Shop Amourouse


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Spotlight on: Bershka


I felt that Bershka's pieces are perfect for a night out in the city but too "glam rock" as an everyday wear.
I searched and search, the outfits above are among my favorites that I would purchase.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hello again. 
     I was REALLY going to do a blogshoot today but the weather is just crappy. 
I promise to update on Sunday because I have lots of clothes to blog about!
     I've been neglecting my blog for 3 months now. I'll put out mini posts instead of being completely m.i.a.
I've collected a TON of vintage pieces including bags over the past 3 months and cannot wait to style/shoot it.

Look out for it in my next post.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Outside Lands Festival-SF linked some beautiful outfits from "Outside Lands Fest" in SF. The photos were taken by one of my favorite bloggers: calivintage .
I so wish I went. For now I'll just have to live vigorously through these images. :(

          red lips + headpiece                                                             feather clip-ins + her maxi skirt + her

                                    her chambray skirt + lace socks + perfect body

        maroon maxi skirt                                                                          comfort


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Savour the Summer

The weather in August is pretty pleasing to me. I had recollections of August being the hottest month of the summer...not this year. Lately it is warm with that perfect cool breeze that makes you turn off your AC and open up the windows. On other days it would be stormy and raining. (Yes!)

I'm kind of sick of this city already. Or perhaps I still long for a reason to stay here. I feel like I've met everyone already, or have I? Is it because everyone I have met did not stand out or interest me?  
On another subject, I don't like starting out with physical relationships. I always want something deeper rather than physical attractions alone. I would like to get to know the person before meeting up with them. It's the only way I know for sure that he is interested in me more than just a hook up. Goodness, it's almost fall, I need to get a boyfriend already! jkjk

Back to business,so much is in stored for September.
First, I will be doing a huge vintage clothing haul and shooting them/vlog? Second, I will be vending at Girard Fest on the 24th. Third, I will get to update more frequently when I get a new camera.

Classic beauty is timeless. 

     photos taken in june(no bangs here!)

                                                 Romper: vintage; Cardigan: Kira, Belt: Urban Outfitters


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Photo Diary

Sunday is my favorite day of the week because the world is taking it easy. 

I love Ernest Green. I fell head over heels when I heard the remix "Despicable Dogs" by Small black that he remixed. Sitting at a trendy burger spot last week and hearing "Washed Out" being played was a shocker to me. Oh no, the mainstream world is slowly discovering him. JK, I'm happy for him. :)

New Edition to my closet.
You might recognize a similar style in a NastyGal lookbook.

By: Mine $35 70% off sale

I'm planning to knot this up to wear it with the skirt above or as a beach cover up

Beaching it tomorrow.